A Moment’s Peace: Dancing Ledge, Dorset

When solitude is what Jess needs, this is what she sees when she gets there

When I need some calm isolation and I’m nearby I head to this beautiful cliff edge. It’s walking distance from my Mum’s house in Langton Matravers.

The closest you can park is a twenty minute walk away, but it’s a beautiful moody walk.

First, through two fields, one without and one with sheep, for variety. Then you walk through a small farmhouse, where a dog will bark at you and scare you, just to heighten all your senses.

Then the peaceful bit starts.

You can see the sea then. You walk down a steep but wide grassy slope, there’s a path snaking down to a giant alcove of rock pools set into the cliff wall, right on the sea, on the Jurassic Coast. You can see the Isle of Wight on a clear day.

It’s rubbish going with anyone else, it’s too intense to feel fun. I always feel like someone’s going to announce they’re dying or propose or something ‘too much’ when I’m there in company.

But alone, all year round, it’s salt air, wet wind and an ink blue sea. Heaven.

Dancing Ledge, Langton Matravers, Dorset, BH19 3LD

And here it is on Google maps.